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Thursday, September 19, 2002


There are somethings all the official guides to packing for university seem to have left out - just think where you'd be if phoenix24 wasn't here to do your forward thinking for you!
Wouldn't it be lovely if you could invite people into your new accormodation and offer them a cup off coffee and a biscuit, think your parents. And wouldn't you prefer to be invited in for a beer and packet of crisps? Oh and to be extra hosbiltable make sure you've got ice for my Malibu and Pepsi.
Your crappy student digs are bound to stink, as also are your new housemates, when none of you can figure out how to a) work the shower or b) open the prehistoric safety windows, for the first few weeks at least.
pen, paper, picture dictionary
Indespensible when trying to communicate with those Northern monkeys you wish to befriend, as anyone who has ever been on a foriegn exchange will tell you.
poloroid camera
Poloroids provide proof hard to come by in a digital age, and the photos you take in freshers week could well become a useful suplement income to your loan - let some other poor sod do all the part time hours god sends, while you sit back and blackmail.
flexiblity, ingenuity& an open mind
Maybe not left out of all of the official guides but they didn't mean it as strongly as we do. For instance, not enough space in the closet for all your clothes girls? Store items in your dedicated fridge and cupboard space, and just eat take outs. And boys, if there's not enough space for your clothes in the closet, maybe you should get out of it yourself.

Well there you go with those top tips you can get on with your eduction in style, which is what your there for. No really it is. good luck.