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Monday, March 25, 2002


Wouldn’t it be great to bring musicals! to the youth market? Wouldn’t it be great if musicals! had a better image among those millions of teenagers who don’t want to end up ponsing about in a leotard on stage for a couple of months then being out of work or at a famous fast food restaurant for the rest of the year? Think of the revenue if seeing a musical! at the theatre was seen as a pre-club outing.

Well we can’t promise to deal with all the full time Macdonalds staff but as a part of the solution, the starting block of pushing musicals! back into fashion

Based on the classic Victorian novel by Charles Dickens, and re written for the new millennium ...

Oliver! staring Southampton’s Craig David.

All the old favourites in this heart touching story of a homeless thief brought to life with the magical technology of UK Garage.

Craig David’s character Oliver Twist is a orphan who lives in a poor house, he dreams of going to Aiya Napa.
Hear the wonderful chorus when he meet the Artful Dodger!
See his love for Nancy, boys!
Enjoy this musical! Go out and buy the sound track!

Available soon - The musical score in play-it-yourself format.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Student Christmas Trees.

Since Christmas is starting in October again this year the temptation to decorate your student dwellings really builds up over the winter months.
As you probably won't be staying for the 'big day' its self and your finances may already be looking the worst for wear; here are some 'arty' budget alternatives you may not have tried before, - just to keep you going.

A tree is not an essential part of the equipment, does look nice though, so if you can get your hands on a cheap plastic one and a pine airfreshner all the better.

Snow Storm

Equipment & instructions
Budget (probably off-) white toilet roll x4
(extreme budgeting - steel toilet roll from friends, family, public houses and public conveniences)
Sticky tape - for repairs.

Free style! Wrap toilet roll round free standing items, (including any trees)
Hang paper from things like light fittings and curtain rails. - Add texture by tying loose knots in the paper.
Screw up balls of loo roll, decorate surfaces, and any trees.
Tear into confetti sized pieces and scatter.

Fire Risk: (approximate) 5/10


Equipment & instructions
Brightly coloured RTD's - WKD, Breezers, Reef.
Corks and bottle tops
Empty RTD/wine bottles

A certain amount of will power required but when you're back for New Year you'll be having a great time. Think about your decorations in the same light as old fashioned Christmas tree chocolates, they might taste nice but the decorations look bare without them. Arrange RTD's on surfaces, (not forgetting to put a Reef on the door) Tie fags and bottle tops and corks to curtain rails etc, using string. Drink empty the wine bottles/wine bottle subsitutes and put the candles in these.

Fire Risk: 8/10

Wednesday, March 20, 2002
lies are the life blood of a relationship without them a relationship would never start or end

yeah i do like punk music its really cool

no i didnt kiss anyone that night

i would never cheat on you, i did that before and i wouldn't put anyone through it again

thats my mum texting me again

nah i didnt do anything wrong i borught these flowers cause i love you

i brought them because they looked nice and they were on special offer and theres that lyric in that blink 182 song something about roses by the stairs so i thought i'd leave them there and see if you got it

nah i really dont mind going out with your mates they're cool

of course i came because i wanted to come here more than go out with x and y not because i felt i had to

yeah i agree this band are bad shall i go buy you a drink

nothing happened thats what i mean when i say he was a nice bloke

just cause i dont remember doesnt mean that anything happened

i don't mind giving blow jobs

yeah hairy legs really dont bother me

that shirt isn't that bad

no your not fat

no we can go in another bank/army surplus store/hardware store i don't mind

your right your parents might hear us

no one minds you staying over

i'm sure my bro/sis likes you really

yeah watching the crystal maze is kinda ironic

no i haven't been waiting long

yeah the way you ignore me is kinda cute

no if he's already booked the table of course you have to go out for his borthday again for the second night runing on the only friday i've had off work in months

yeah we really should plan a holiday for sixth months time

You can go trailing across america i trust you

course she's only a friend

yeah i think a vocational a level will help you get into a good uni with a competitive course

there are more
only people might read them