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Wednesday, April 03, 2002

What Danny Says

Danny has a vendetta against Christmas puddings.

"Every year they bring out more and more different types of Christmas puddings" he said whilst eating chips covered in mayonaise. "It's like they are trying to take over"

He can't give me a straight answer on what is actually wrong with Christmas puddings, and surely if he just didn't like them, inventing new, more likeable vareties would be a good thing for a miserable Ebenzer Scrouge type.

"People put them in their cupboards and they lurk there all year, then they forget they have them and they go out and buy more"

Well... don't they do that with pate as well? I don't see what they problem is and Danny can't give me an explaination as to why Christmas puddings, supossing they were living, thinking items, would want to do this. except for

"They are trying to take over the world"

I am not convinced. What sort of far fetched story is that?