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Saturday, January 11, 2003
Psyco analysing my christmas gift
When i first met my housemate liz i thought we would get on. but that was possibly the last shred of niavity i had in my and since october i have learnt better.
now we don't spa but we realise we don't like each other. and we don't try to change it.
so all my fears came true when she brought my secret santa gift. at least i knew i was in the hat - i mean i pulled out my name first - but for all the agonising i might have rather not have been.
well i got four boottles of smirnoff ice.
In a straight line not a four pack. unlikely to have cost the fiver set as a limet (i went over by 39p after student discount) prehaps leftovers from a multi pack. why am i am being so negative/ in birthday paper not christmas paper though it might also be signifcant to mention it was gift wrap not newspaper for i'm being objective here.
i didn't truely enter in to the spirt of secret santa because although i was wise enough not to open my present in company of housemates i didn't wait til christms either.
on the one hand smirnoff i ce is the premium rtd. on the other hand liz should know i prefer smirnoff black ice. on the other hand she maybe shouldn't buy me alcohol at all cos she also knows i was taken to the hospital due to being complettly pissed.
today liz anounced she didn't like smirnoff ice personally. hmm